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A company which provide unique career opportunities

A company with a vision to serve the society with its unique and fairly priced products

A company which provides the products of daily use at lowest prices

A company which works 24X7 towards customer satisfaction

A company that launches the products based on deep market study and research.

Gratis Management and Marketing Pvt. Ltd is establish in March,2012 as a Pvt. Ltd. Company in Ambala (Haryana) inspired from various thoughts of Brammsen Joerg, Leible Stefan and Brodie St. A..We salute to Philip Kotler, the marketing guru to guide the world in this field.The philosophy behind incorporation of our company was to provide better or best products to lower and middle level Indian society at affordable prices. There are various products and alternates available for higher income group, but these products were unavailable to lower income groups and the scenario was almost the same for middle income groups also. A few of the middle level society can buy these expensive products, not all.